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Air Adam Podcast

Neighbourhood Live Hip-Hop Special, December 4th

Nov 11, 2010

If you want to catch me doing my thing, as well as seeing some top-notch live Hip-Hop performances, get yourself down to this event! The venue is the Ruby Lounge (Manchester High Street, nr. Debenhams) and for your £4/£6 entry (depending on when you get there!), you'll get performances from;

  • The Mouse Outfit : Live Hip-Hop band, making noise right now, and now incorporating Plato (Bedos & Pitch) - the entry fee is worth it just to see these guys!
  • The Natural Curriculum : Manchester party-rocking true school Hip-Hop - DJ, MCs, beatboxing; the complete musical package.
  • Whoami & Trebor : New production/lyrical duo on MyFirstMoth
  • Neighbourhood resident DJs - yours truly included!

As Camp Lo and Masta Ace might say; Uptown Saturday Night Live!