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Air Adam Podcast

Nov 30, 2022

Spray cans on a rainy pavement

"This might be God speaking, it's just my mouth is moving."

- Ka

The weather might be cooling, but there is some heat on this one. We pay respects to two Hip-Hop stalwarts who sadly and unexpectedly left us this month - Tame One of The Artifacts, and Hurricane G. We include music from both in the mix, along with some...

Oct 31, 2022

Whitworth Street West, Manchester, at night, 2014.

"Great Britain is a myth right now..."

- Strategy

Two different occasions combine for this month's episode; it's Halloween, and (0)161 is the Manchester area code, and so we lean towards the dark, sinister, and eerie, as well as including a good chunk of Manchester music in the mix. In several cases, we manage to find...

Sep 30, 2022

Rougher than brick.

"Whose ways are strange when it's time to survive?"


My birth month comes around once again, but times are getting rougher out there, so this is a pretty rugged selection on the whole - which, to be fair, fits the changing of the season too. Looks like I'm going to be pulling the hoodies and boots out...


Aug 31, 2022

Mannequins is out to tax.

", we choose violence..."

- Da-Neek

Last month we had a nice, chilled, downtempo selection, gliding through several different genres. This month, we're flipping the script and rooting ourselves in pure beats, rhymes, and cuts!

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Public Enemy : Terminator X...

Jul 28, 2022

I was working in a room that reached 38 degrees C recently. My mate's office was *43*

"If you move, I'll fall."

- Traditional

I've been away for most of the month dealing with a family emergency, but I've just about managed to get an episode together with the few days of the month I've been in Manchester. I spent a few of the days away trying to do my day job in some absolutely punishing heat, and so...