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Air Adam Podcast

Mar 28, 2021

Pair of satellite dishes

"We all need...some fresh air."

- Tobe

This month has been pretty exhausting, but I did have some good ideas for this episode, and once I hit stride with the recording I decided to try and keep the pace up and get it released on a weekend day! The selection has turned out to be heavy on artists who are no longer with...

Feb 26, 2021

Randy's Donuts

"Go buy me a drink if you didn't buy the CD."

- Double K

February rolls around once again, and so we pay tribute to Big L, Big Pun, and J Dilla in the selection, as well as the recently-departed Double K from Los Angeles' People Under The Stairs. There are some very well known tracks in the mix as well as some new and...

Jan 29, 2021


"Either unmarked or engraved - hey, who's to say?"


Wow, January has been a long year (!)

On the very last day of 2020, the Hip-Hop world was stunned to hear of the passing of Daniel Dumile, later known as Zev Love X, and eventually as the legendary MF DOOM. It had actually happened some time before but his...

Dec 29, 2020

Headphones, mask, sanitiser. Year in a nutshell.

"Give your mama enough money to bury ya."

- E-40

We've just about dragged ourselves to the end of the year whose name shall not be spoken, and we're not out of the woods just yet. The winter is drawing in, and so we have not a festive selection, but one which in many parts sonically fits the season. There are some deep...

Nov 27, 2020

Father and son.

Very sadly, my father passed away at the start of this month, after suffering with a serious illness for some time. While I'm devastated to see him leave, I feel lucky to have had him as long as I did. The show this month is a departure from the normal format, and after a short intro you'll get an...