Three Kings "Everybody else on the Earth don't exist."
- Crooked I

I suppose this is the Christmas episode, not that I've got any Christmas records to play! I did think about putting sleigh bell sounds behind some of the tunes but decided against ;o) Ah well, time to close out 2009 with this one, and looking forward to heading onwards and upwards for 2010!

Camp Lo : Son Of A...
Great track - if a little short - from Camp Lo's new album "Another Heist," setting things off with a funk vibe. Ski is back on full-time production for them on this album which will please many - personally, I actually liked a good chunk of the Apple Juice Kid production they've had lately (*ducks*) and I love the stuff they've done with Tribeca in the past, hope he makes a return too!
El Michels Affair : Glaciers Of Ice / Raekwon: Glaciers Of Ice
Modern funk maestros with a version of the classic Raekwon cut from the original "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx..." - this is taken from the album "Enter the 37th Chamber" which is a collection of instrumental interpretations of Wu-Tang tracks, definitely recommended - it's on Spotify if anyone wants a listen!
Ghostface Killah ft. Trife & Twiz : Theodore
I don't know if anyone else likes this track, but oh well :o) The bells, the bells...
Genius : Words From A Genius (Prince Rakeem Remix)
Yes, it's that Genius, aka GZA from the Wu. This is the (almost) title track from his first album "Words From The Genius" on Tommy Boy a couple of years before the Clan emerged on the scene. I first heard this on Pete Tong's Rap Selection on Radio 1 when it came out in 1991, taped it off that show and loved it - with no idea of who this guy was or the huge impact his crew would eventually make on the scene. And Prince Rakeem? For those who don't know, that's the man better known as RZA, the producer and prime mover behind the Wu-Tang movement!
Termanology ft. Royce Da 5'9", Crooked I, Akrobatik, Consequence : The Music Industry (Remix)
I said on the voiceover that Term is from Boston, but in fact he's from nearby Lawrence, Massachusetts - oops! Anyway, rarely do you see so many guests on a single track, or at least on one that's any good which this certainly is. Fizzy Womack of M.O.P is on production and Statik Selectah adds some very nice cuts.
Patrice Rushen : Remind Me
Classic 80s single from the multi-talented singer/songwriter/pianist/composer/musical director - and it's been sampled plenty of times. Even if you don't recognise her name, you may well know her hit "Forget Me Nots," famously sampled on Will Smith's "Men In Black."
Pharcyde : Drop (Instrumental)
One of those "Dilla before everyone (including me) knew who he was" beats, though that's not to say that when this came out everyone wasn't loving it, and it still moves floors today. The video is also a classic - bit of trivia, they actually had to rhyme all their lyrics backwards to make it work visually, which is quite a feat!
Shara Nelson : Friendly Fire
Title track of the second solo album from the former Massive Attack vocal lead, if you see a copy it's definitely worth picking up!
Tajai : Who Got It?
Solo excursion for one of the Souls Of Mischief MCs, one of those B-sides I never get to play anywhere!
Foreign Beggars : Black Hole Prophecies (Jehst's Wild Wild East Remix)
A gem from down London town! While there was a little run of American artists using Asian music samples, I always thought it'd be more natural for UK producers to do it since we have a large Asian population and you do hear the music a lot, depending on where you live. Shout out to DJ Reptile of Assmatics who put me up on this track.
Byata : Byata Is The Illest
I think there's someone rhyming on here, but I'm not sure because my word, that beat is dominating! DJ Premier on production for this absolute banger - it's also one of those beats you couldn't mistake for having being done by anyone else (To be fair, Byata puts in a solid performance as the track goes on). I don't know much about her other than that she's of Russian descent and that she's apparently been on a Wu compilation; if she's done anything else like this, do let me know!
Mark B & Blade ft. Phi Life Cypher : Ya Don't See The Signs (Phi Life Cypher Remix)
I think this is better than the original, which is how a remix should be; the beat is much darker and Phi Life, as always, absolutely destroy their verses and provide a complementary vocal textures to Blade - all three MCs on this are hall-of-fame level when it comes to British Hip-Hop.
Kool G Rap & Ma Barker : Bout That (Instrumental)
Produced by VIC and Mike Heron of the Ghetto Pros, diggers extraordinaire!
Jerry Beeks : Microphone Mingus
From the home of Hip-Hop! Coming out of the Bronx, Beeks shows the skills over production from Touche on this album cut from "The Crop Report." Still got some stuff we've done together stashed away in the vault, will let you hear some on a future episode if you eat your vegetables ;o)
Roy Ayers : I Did It In Seattle
From "Virgin Ubiquity", a collection of unreleased recordings from the late 70s to early 80s. Picked this one up on a day off work in a sale at King Bee Records down in Chorlton, a familiar spot for Manchester diggers - if I'd not got there until the weekend, it'd have been looong gone! Roy Ayers is an amazing musician and his tracks have provided the backdrop for many a quality Hip-Hop release over the years so it's worth searching out whatever you can find.
PS - I'm not sure what he did in Seattle!
Royal Flush ft. Noreaga : What A Shame
Mid 90s Queens thug flavour from Flush's "Ghetto Millionaire" album, speaking on life locked up. Smooth track produced by EZ Elpee, with the first verse and closing by Nore, who is famously a man who knows of what he speaks...
Kaze : Locked In Chains (Instrumental/Clean)
Khrysis on the boards for this one, this is on the B-side of "Last Laugh" - the uncensored version is only on the "Spirit of '94:Version 9.0" album I think. Not heard much else by Kaze but he rips this one!
Insight : Visual Audio (Instrumental)
Even though I'm just playing the instrumental here, it must be noted that Insight is multi skilled - he's an MC, producer, DJ, does engineering I believe and I've heard he's a software developer! If he learns to take photos too, none of my jobs are safe...
DJ Jazzy Jeff & Big Daddy Kane : The Garden
One of the standout tracks from Jeff's second solo album "Return Of The Magnificent," and one of the very few five-star tracks on my iPod! A lot of people just think of Jazzy Jeff as that guy that got thrown out of the house a lot on "Fresh Prince," but as well as being a pioneering and influential DJ he's a very gifted producer and has coached a lot of other up-and-comers via his A Touch Of Jazz studio/company. A quick aside - I'm no expert but when I listen to the actual sonic quality of this track, I feel like there is nothing at all that could have been done better!

As I always say, if there are things on here you like please do search out other material from the artists, buy the best of it and even better, try and catch them playing live!
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"Don't be shady, just pay me"
   - Roger

Wow, it's been half a year already! It's a challenge to keep coming up with stuff but the feedback I get makes it all well worth the effort, especially when people are discovering something new. Anyway, let's have a look at this month's offering...

Little Brother
: Atari 2600
A very limited release 7" single out of the Justus League crew with a hilarious take on what a promotional piece for the vintage console would have sounded like if endorsed by RZA and a similarly vintage singer...
Air Adam : Bench Pressure
A little beat I dug out from a few years ago; I did this in a Swedish hotel room on a little Korg Electribe ES-1 sampler, and as such it's on  my "Swedish Hardcore" beat tape which I might make available sometime if people want it!
Goldfrapp : You Never Know
I was really, really late on Goldfrapp but thanks to the wonders of the internet started checking them out and found some stuff I really liked on the "Supernature" album, including this track; the "We Are Glitter" remix project has some good tunes on it too. Alison Goldfrapp's voice and those synths go together nice like chicken and rice...
Jay-Z : This Life Forever
Not a massively well known track by Jay, but I managed to pick this one up in a local charity shop on 12" - this is from the soundtrack to "Black Gangster," based on the Donald Goines book of the same title. Interestingly though I'm not sure the film was ever made - the soundtrack was done first with a view to making the film if it took off! The soulful backing track is provided by Ty Fyffe, someone who's not a huge name compared to many others but always seems to pop up with something good.
Blak Twang : Real Estate
A classic UK Hip-Hop single from 1996; Tony Rotton aka Blak Twang with a tough track about the runnings of the inner cities of the UK. It's  our own State of the Nation Address, and it's nothing nice. Thirteen years later and a new government later, has anything really changed?
Jacky Jasper ft. Roger Troutman : Mad Game
If there was a Devil, and he had a car with a big system and listened to Hip-Hop, he would play this on repeat - super dark production for real! I've played this tune for a few people and got great response, but no-one seems to have it or even have heard of it, so it was an obvious candidate for inclusion at some point. Turn it up!
Black Moon : Buck 'em Down (Remix Instrumental)
Took me a while to appreciate this in its own right after being such a fan of the original but this is a must-have 12" - if not for this, then the killer (no pun intended) B-Side "Murder MCs."
Black Moon : Buck 'em Down (Original version)
Grimy Brooklyn Hip-Hop from one of the great groups of the 90s. Perhaps besides the mighty "Who Got The Props?" this was my favourite track on "Enta Da Stage" and I played my vinyl copy of this every day for months...
Rae & Christian ft. Veba : All I Ask
This somehow didn't properly penetrate my consciousness when it first came out, but a couple of friends played it for me last year (shout out to The Mojos!) and this time I was ready; gorgeous track, if you close your eyes and turn the heating up it could make you believe it's summer...quite an achievement for a song coming out of the heart of rainy Manchester!
DJ Quik ft. Mausberg & Raphael Saadiq : Well
From the underrated (even by Quik) "Balance & Options" LP, a brilliant piece of laid back production with plenty of flourishes - instrumentation is courtesy of the South Central Philharmonic Orchestra.
Cormega : Soul Food
A very different track from Cormega to the one I played last month ("No Equivalent"), I've been meaning to play this for a while and found a spot for it here.
Erick Sermon : Hittin Switches
Blast from the past - though it doesn't seem like that long ago! 1993 track from the "Who's The Man?" soundtrack which also ended up on Erick's debut solo "No Pressure."
Craig Mack : Get Down (Q-Tip Remix Instrumental)
Q-Tip is so well known as an MC (helped by his distinctive voice) that it's sometimes easy to forget his production work; in the early- to mid-90s he did some great beats outside A Tribe Called Quest, with the kind of smacking drums you often don't hear these days!
Souls Of Mischief : Medication
SoM are best known for their incredible debut single "93 Til Infinity" but this is a great single from their "Trilogy: Conflict, Climax, Resolution" album with a different but yet somehow familiar sound. Their extended crew, The Hieroglyphics were not just ahead of their time with respect to their music but with their recognition of the potential of the Internet in promoting themselves and operating independently.
Edgar Allen Floe : Floe Almighty (Desperado Remix)
Excellent MC name :o) Anyway, when you twig to this tune it ought to smack you in the face how genius it is. On first listen I thought "hang on, did he just repeat the first verse?" - then the lightbulb went on and I gave him a mental standing ovation! Floe is part of the North Carolina Justus League collective and certainly shows some super MC powers on this track.
Red Rat : 40 Leg
Picked this up in a big stack of reggae/dancehall 7" singles on eBay and it's a bit of a jewel to me - can't get enough of that Jamaica meets the Scottish Highlands flavour! I just have visions of a traditional pipe and drum band skanking along in a dancehall style...
Ludacris : Southern Hospitality (Instrumental)
Booming Neptunes production on this B-Side to "Area Codes" - almost forgot about this tune until I came across a used vinyl copy!
DJ Revolution & KRS-ONE : The DJ
Gets bonus points for (coincidentally) using a line I once did a T-shirt design for - "A DJ is not a jukebox!" On the spiritual sequel to his 1996 track "The MC" from the "I Got Next" album the legendary KRS-ONE (for those that don't know - "Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone") breaks down the proper place and conduct of the DJ, with particular respect to the culture of Hip-Hop which was of course started by DJs - rhyming came along later, not that you'd think it looking around these days! One of his central points is that it's the job of the DJ to break music to the people, not to just reflect what they think they want to hear - in some small way, I'd like to think this podcast honours that.
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"I love this game."
- Cormega

This is the first month I've had to go into my boxes of cassettes to find a particular tune for you, hence the title of this episode! Thanks to the wonders of modern technology I recorded it into my computer and can manipulate the sound with the turntables via Serato - very space age. Ironically, I think this is the first episode which isn't quite short enough to go on one side of a tape...
I've got a bit of a bad cold this month, but have tried to do a decent job on the voiceovers - bear with me!

Count Bass D : Junkies
One of the best all-round musical talents in Hip-Hop, shout out to Mathmatics for putting me up on him back when the "Dwight Spitz" album came out.
Paul Wall : Sittin' Sidewayz (Inst)
Yes, this is one of my all-time favourite beats. Most people think immediately of the huge bassline as the main focus but I actually think the track is centred around the little bluesy guitar riff - have a listen and see what you think!
The Cool Kids : Black Mags
Before this record, there were acute shortages of Hip-Hop tracks about BMX bikes. Problem solved :o)
I was really late on these guys, and while not all of their stuff is to my liking this tune is very heavy - deceptive in its simplicity I think!
Massive Attack : Inertia Creeps
From the "Mezzanine" album. Piece of background trivia, as told by producer Neil Davidge - apparently the guys used to carry tape recorders everywhere and record whatever might be interesting; this track is based around a snatch of a recording from a Turkish (or was it Moroccan?) market - you can hear it bare just before the main beat comes in.
Cormega ft. Tragedy Khadafi : No Equivalent
I read someone on a message board recently say that Cormega is "too manly for this generation", which made me smile - I think a better way to describe him is "no-frills" - he's steadily worked at his craft for years, doesn't have a gimmick and gives a great interview. This is from the Special Edition pack of "The Realness" and "The True Meaning" - which is a top notch album.
Camp Lo : World Heist
Low key headnodder from the Bronx slang-editorialising, diamond heisting, 70s dressing duo; from the B-side of their first single "Coolie High" which is of course a classic - run to hear it right now if you never have before!
Shyne : More Or Less (Inst)
Fierce instrumental, produced by Kanye West in his pre-"College Dropout" years. The original version of this track was called "When I Die" - not sure why it was changed for its appearance on the "Godfather Buried Alive" album but the dubbing over of the hook was pretty weak...
Roc Raida : One Man Band
RIP Grandmaster Roc Raida. Check out his title-winning performance here.
Michael Jackson : Sunset Driver
Unreleased track from the "Off The Wall" sessions - I don't know how this didn't make the album, but this offcut is fifty times better than a lot of other peoples' best track.
Zapp : I Can Make You Dance
It's true, you know. Just one of Zapp/Roger Troutman's killer dancefloor movers. For a funny sampling of this, check out Compton's Most Wanted's "I Don't Dance." As it happens, that tune is really danceable as well!
PS "You dance in the morning when you eat your cornflakes" -  lyrics.
Gap Band : Beep A Freak
Wilson, Wilson & Wilson with a treatise on communication problems in male-female relationships circa 1984.
I had to convert this from tape - the version on the "Gap Band VI" vinyl is better sound quality of course but a quite different mix, and the beeper noise runs through the entire song and would have driven a lot of you mad...
Orbital : Initiation
From their 2003 soundtrack to a film called "Octane" - I only found out about this record a few weeks ago myself!
Grandmaster Melle Mel & The Furious Five : The Truth
Taking it old skool for a minute. Note to youngsters - Pete Rock, Biggie, and Tribe are not old skool. This is definitely one of my favourite F5 tracks, tough tough tough! I've never heard anyone else mention it until I found a fellow appreciater on this blog.
Eric B & Rakim : I Know You Got Soul
One of their best known tracks of course, playing this one as a special request for the man Mr Mari - enjoy!
EPMD : The Big Payback
EPMD (Erick Sermon and Parrish Smith, for those who don't know) are without doubt one of the greatest MC duos of all time and this is probably my favourite track from the 1989 "Unfinished Business" album, although "Get The Bozack" is another killer on there which unlike this was never a single.
Zero 7 : Light Blue Movers
This was on the vinyl of the single "Somersault" and is just an irresistible head-nodder; that bassline just sticks in your head.
Raekwon : Canal Street
For the Manchester listeners - no, not the Canal Street in the Village...
The "Cuban Linx Pt.II" album has barely been out of my car stereo since it was released and this is one of the many gems on it - if I hadn't played this, it would probably have been "Surgical Gloves" which is one of the most relentlessly evil beats I've heard in a long time (courtesy of The Alchemist), with Raekwon on the mic coming off almost MF DOOM-ish. As for this, it feels like it came out of a 70s crime film soundtrack, and in a world of autotune and snap beats, thank goodness someone is making tracks like this!
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Milk Is Chillin'.

"Sometimes you gotta do right."
- Garrett

Been an interesting month, from hanging out with the guys at Non-Stop sneaker store in Madrid to playing at the first night of Neighbourhood for a top crowd - oh, and assembling this of course! Still not used to the sound of my own voice on the voice-overs, maybe I should just prepare statements and have them read by a lawyer? :o)
As Columbo would say, "just one more thing" - after many years of waiting, Raekwon's "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...Part II" is finally out this month - do yourself a favour and grab a copy!

Natural Elements : Paper Chase 2005
Natural Elements are some of the most talented MCs you'll hear in your life; unfortunately, record company politics meant they never quite got a fair shake. This track is one I personally like (which of course is why it's on here) but it's not even their very best work...find everything you can they've ever been on!
Jan Hammer : Tubbs & Valerie
From the "Escape From Television" album, made up of music taken from Hammer's brilliant work on the "Miami Vice" TV series. Everyone knows "Crockett's Theme" and the TV show theme, but this album is well worth picking up.
Reks : Say Goodnight
Spacey DJ Premier beat (but with the usual rock-hard drums), and Reks doesn't waste it!
Apani B-Fly Emcee : Estragen
That third verse has multiple MCs on it and goes on for a while so I cut it short this time; the full list of guests for the whole track is (deep breath) - Lyric, Helixx C. Armageddon, Ayana Soyini, What? What?, Pri Da Honey Dark, Yejide The Night Queen, and Heroine.
Chuck D : No
Of course, Chuck D is one of the elder statesmen of Hip-Hop (and has been since he started - released the first Public Enemy album at  27) and can always be counted on to bring an adult voice to proceedings - literally and figuratively.
Above The Law : Harda U R Tha Doppa U Faal
Seriously overlooked crew from Pomona, California, these guys spent years in the metaphorical forest smashing down every tree in sight, but with not enough people to hear the sound. They were doing the G-Funk sound before Dr.Dre, Cold 187 and KMG were a fantastically complementary mic tag team and overall they were just ahead of their time. This is one of those album tracks which I love but have never heard mentioned anywhere, ever.
9th Wonder : Unreleased Instrumental
Allegedly "Volume 3, Beat 5" on a bootleg-looking pressing. If this has been used, let me know!
Brand New Heavies ft. Q-Tip : Sometimes (Ummah Remix)
Common ft. Erykah Badu, Pharrell & Q-Tip: Come Close Remix (Closer) ft.
Dilla (& Q-Tip) double bill! Two of his best smoothed-out remixes - but *do not* sleep on the bassline of that Common track. Try it out on a decent car system if you have one! It's worth noting is that there's also a Dilla remix of BNH's "Saturday Night" which is serious dancefloor business.
The Away Team : Scream Out!
The Away Team are Justus League affiliates out of North Carolina, made up of Khrysis (producer) and Sean Boog (MC). I found this online while browsing around for Sean Price stuff I hadn't heard (he features on the same album this track is from, "Training Day") - this plus the track "Awesome" had me ordering a copy the same night!
Just one thing though - "month" and "us" do not rhyme...
Gang Starr ft. WC & Rakim : The Militia II
The original was a classic of course (with the killer Bumpy Knuckles third verse) but this is a worthy sequel; solid Primo beat and three quality verses.
Torae : Switch
Killer "impersonation" track where Torae takes on the flow of a different MC every 4 bars; some of them are absolutely dead on! Can anyone name them all?
J-Zone : Prima Donna (Instrumental)
J-Zone is one of the most original, inventive producers out there as well as a highly entertaining MC. He doesn't actually rhyme himself on the vocal version of this but do seek out his stuff if you like good music and have a sense of humour :o)
Tommy Tee : Aerosoul
One of the standout tracks from Bomb Records' "Return Of The DJ Vol II" - not a super-technical turntablist track but a great piece of production with solid, tight scratching and excellent choices of samples.

If you do hear anything you especially like then do get in touch and let me know, and please support the artists - find more output of theirs on Spotify to get a feel for it, go to live shows if you can (that's where they really get paid) and buy the stuff you like the most!
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Dancing Below The Stars

The place: Saki Bar, Wilmslow Road, Manchester
The time: First Friday every month, 9pm-3am
The tax: £4 before 11pm, £5 after
Facebook group:

There's a new night starting up in Manchester, bringing the finest in Hip-Hop, Reggae, Funk & Dub on the first Friday every month! It's split over two floors - "The Block" and "Yard", each taking turns to bring in a headline act in the appropriate style. We're all about finding the best talent even where that means not going for the biggest name, and above all creating an environment for the good party vibes! The resident DJ lineup is one of the strongest you'll find, including;

Joe W - Mind On Fire band member and organiser

Myself; Air Adam - Family Gathering/Assmatics

DJ Mischief - The Pinch / MyFirstMoth Records

Ed Speed - Dub Smugglers Sound System

Louis Longshot – Drum Music/Longshot

Omas –  At Large

Next party is Friday October 2nd, with MEGA RAS and WIZZY DAN headlining for Yard; come down and party with us!

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my way.
This episode's title is a quote from "At War" by Snowgoons - it's been tickling me since I heard it a few months ago :o) Anyway, here's another podcast of audio goodness for you, just about the right size to fit one side of a cassette if you're so inclined...hope you all make some discoveries this month, let me know what you think.
Quick mention - thanks to Coxy's Blog for the article on the podcast last month!

Chic : Sometimes You Win
Quality album cut from the "C'est Chic" LP.
Five Deez : Latitude (Instrumental)
Lisa Shaw : It's Been Awhile
There's a real clarity to her voice which I love; this is from her first album "Cherry" which is excellent, and the new album "Free" is out at last - definitely worth checking out.
Ice Cube ft. Das EFX : Check Yo Self ("The Message" Remix)
Am I the only one who remembers that the very end of the video for "It Was A Good Day" lead into the start of the video for this one? Top idea. This was in the days of only seeing stuff at a friend's house on "Yo! MTV Raps" though, so I only saw it once or twice myself. However, thanks to the joys of modern technology, someone's put them together for your retro viewing pleasure!
DJ Quik & Kurupt : Do You Know?
This is from the recent collaboration album "BlaQKout," which isn't consistent all the way through but there are definitely some serious high points, of which this is one - and you know with Quik on production that there'll be some originality coming to the table.
Sadat X : The Interview
I think I heard this on Radio 1 (on Westwood's show when he still played good stuff) before the "Wild Cowboys" album came out and spent a lot of time rewinding my taped-off-the-radio copy until I got a better one!
DJ Spinna : Spirit Of '94
From the B-side of the "Dillagence" 7"
Jedi Mind Tricks : Monolith
Zion I : Inner Light (Icey Mix)
This is from their first album, "Mind Over Matter." Zion I are a very interesting group; they're always musically and lyrically interesting and inventive and have managed to carve out a very respectable multi-album career despite not been widely known in many circles; do seek out their stuff.
Redman : Syrinx
American Cream Team : It's Not A Game (Inst)
Slum Village : Conant Gardens
A dedication for Titus "Baatin" Glover.
Mark B & Blade ft. Rodney P : We Stay Rough
Two British Hip-Hop veterans on the mic here. Trivia for those who don't know: when Blade wanted to put out his first LP, he didn't have the money to record and press it, so he appealed for people to order it in advance of it even being made, and they did - mailing him the money strictly on trust. He got the album done, sent all the pre-ordered copies out and thanked all those people individually in the liner notes!
Pumpkinhead ft. Archrival : Swordfish
Skhool Yard (sic) : Here We Come (Inst)
Phi-Life Cypher : ABC
Top-notch verbal onslaught; after you pick your jaw back up off the floor, have a look at the lyrics written out here. They've made some mistakes transcribing it but it seems like all the lyric sites have just copy/pasted from each other so they're all just as bad!

If you do hear anything you especially like then do get in touch and let me know, and please support the artists - find more output of theirs on Spotify to get a feel for it, go to live shows if you can (that's where they really get paid) and buy the stuff you like the most!

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(39/52) The Hands That Rock The Tables
I got a really good response to  the first episode (thanks everyone!) so here we go with the second; you can expect a new one every month. I'll be aiming to keep it an easily digestible size every time, and to make it something to look forward to!
Can't let this post go by without wishing Michael Jackson a peaceful journey - that was definitely one of those "where were you when you heard?" moments. I just had to include one of his tracks this time around...

Peanut Butter Wolf ft. Encore : The Undercover
Not a club tune; definitely glad to get a chance to play this one as it'd been on the shelf for years.
Hammadi : Love To The World
Q-Tip : Dance On Glass
Coppershot : Hesitate
Chester Copperpot with LongShot on the mic (see what they did there?)
De La Soul : Respect
Originally available on the Japanese release of the "The Impossible: Mission TV - Pt. 1" compilation of unreleased tracks, though this is on a 12" press.
Erick Sermon : Music (Instrumental)
Mobb Deep : Clap (Instrumental)
The "Infamy" album wasn't a popular one but when the weather turns cold and the nights get longer, this is an essential headphone track.
Kombo ft. Krondon : The Write
I got this 12" for 99p without even listening to it - winner. The other side, "Sands Of Time" is excellent too, though much more laid back.
Rakim : New York (Ya Out There?)
From the post-Eric B "The 18th Letter" LP, DJ Premier on the production for some classic boom-bap.
Mic Geronimo : Unstoppable
The "Vendetta" album wasn't all that but this track cannot be denied.
Anita Baker : How Does It Feel?
From the 2004 "My Everything" album on Blue Note; definitely one of my favourite female vocalists, and the title links nicely with the next vocal track in the mix...
Nas : The World Is Yours (Tip Mix Instrumental)
Michael Jackson : Stranger In Moscow
JS-1 : Move Like This (Instrumental)
Foreign Exchange : Theme
AZ : Sugar Hill (Remix Instrumental)
N.O.R.E : Cocaine Cowboys
Dark and bright all at the same time, this killer track has been getting a lot of play on my iPod lately; the documentary of the same name is well worth checking too, I got it for £4 on DVD the other day.

If you do hear anything you especially like do let me know, and please support the artists - find more output of theirs on Spotify to get a feel for it, go to live shows if you can (that's where they really get paid) and buy the stuff you like the most!
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On The Air...

So without further ado, here's the first episode! Hope you enjoy it - do leave comments!


DJ Spinna
: Nostalgia
Large Pro : 'Maica Living
Zero 7 : You're My Flame (Dabrye Remix)
Dela ft. Talib Kweli : Long Life
Jean Michel Jarre : Oxygene 2
Jake One w/ Pharoahe Monche & Kardinal Offishal : Hurt
Platinum Pied Pipers : Shotgun (Inst)
Torae, Marco Polo, Masta Ace & Sean Price : Hold Up
Nas : Where Are They Now? (90s Remix)
Black Ivory : I Keep Asking You Questions
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Hi everyone! This blog page is about to be the home of my new podcast. Some of you will already know me from my DJing and production, while others might know my photography work. Those that don't know me will have have picked up on the fact that I have my fingers in a lot of pies!

So why am I doing a podcast? Well, I wanted a way to widely play some tunes I was interested in! Commercial radio is inaccessible to most would-be hosts of course, and while online radio shows can be good, you're relying on people to be able to tune in at a specific time on a specific day. That's not even taking into account the fact that it locks you into playing at that specific time, or all the streaming problems that seem to pop up! Playing in clubs is cool but restricts you to how many people you can get into the venue, and of course you need to keep it danceable so there's a lot of stuff which is difficult/impossible to fit into a set. Besides all that, mixtapes are harder to sell than they have been in the past, as the market has changed and there's more of an expectation of getting things for free. With a podcast, I can use a radio-like format, go on at length or keep it brief, and everyone can download easily/automatically and listen at a time of their choosing!

Putting all the "technical" considerations aside, it's really a way for me to share and get into discussions on music. I grew up in the pre-internet era (cue Hovis music or EPMD's "Strictly Business," whichever you prefer) - at that time, there was little if any Hip-Hop on TV or commercial radio, and so for a kid with a limited budget wanting to learn about it there were three main sources of music and info; tape swapping, pirate radio and magazines.

The pirate stations would play whatever they thought was good - the DJs weren't in anyone's pocket, and were playing records they'd bought with their own money - and over the years I got the chance to hear a wide selection; some of the records they played came from artists who went on to become legends, while others were one or two-hit wonders, but wonders all the same. The variety of stuff they played allowed me to develop and define my taste - finding an artist or record you liked lead to searching for info on them in the magazines, seeing who they were associated with or might be similar to, and then trying to get hold of some of that, and so on...then exchanging tapes of albums you'd bought with friends would send you on another path. This kind of cycle meant that records could become underground hits in one particular area while being pretty much ignored elsewhere.

Somehow, despite the explosion in media availability and speed of access in the modern era, this seems to be happening less and less! The DJs I grew up with very much kept a balance between playing stuff that people would obviously like and playing things they personally liked themselves, and so the range was very interesting. This is what I'm going to try and do with this podcast; I guarantee pretty much every episode, someone I know will say "I was really into (song x) that you played" and then go on to say "but what was up with that bullshit (song y)? You actually like that?" There'll be a mixture of Hip-Hop and music more generally, "underground" and "commercial," the somewhat known and the utterly forgotten, new and old, the conscious and the ignorant, and the straightforward and the slightly bizarre! I hope you'll find it interesting and entertaining, and that it leads you towards discovering and enjoying some music that's new to you :o)

Stay tuned - first episode soon come!

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