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Air Adam Podcast


Nov 9, 2010

It's always interesting to know when putting out something like this podcast how far it's reached!

In keeping with the Hip-Hop attitude to representing where you're from, I'm using a combination of feedback from listeners and location information provided by my podcast host to produce a complete a map as possible of all the locations where downloads have been done from! The observant amongst you might have noticed the "Podcast On Tour" link in the right-hand panel; that also jumps to this map. Have a browse around, and if any of the pins in a very "general" (e.g country, state, province) area is you, let me know so I can correct it! If your town's not represented at all, let me know (ideally via a comment on this post) and I'll get it added!

PS - the colour/text on the pins has no meaning, just a way of getting round what looks like a bug in the mapping application :o)