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Air Adam Podcast

How To Listen To The Podcast

Sep 15, 2015

Every so often I get questions on this, as many people don't listen to podcasts at all, so I thought I'd write a little post to help. There are three ways to listen to this show - subscribing, downloading MP3s individually, or streaming.

  • Subscribe if you can install apps on your computer/phone, and want to be able to get the latest episodes automatically. They will downloads as MP3s so you can play them anywhere once they arrive.
  • Download individually if you don't want to install a podcast app, but just want to grab the audio files to play on any device, especially if you just want the odd episode here and there.
  • Stream if you're on a computer where you're not at liberty to actually download/install programs or MP3s, and/or use a device that has TuneIn built in.


  • Subscription
    • iTunes
      • Launch iTunes, search for "Air Adam Podcast" - you'll find me there and can subscribe or manually get one of the old episodes.
      • Each of my webpages has a link you just have to click which will launch iTunes and take you to the page in the store. At the Podcast section of, it's the big black icon on the right. If you're at, it's the first white icon in the right hand panel, showing the iTunes logo. Once you're in iTunes at the podcast's page, you can just press "Subscribe"!
    • iPhone "Podcasts" application
      • Very similar to the above; click the "Podcasts" item, put "Air Adam Podcast" in the search, and it'll be there in the list of podcasts. Subscribe from there, and you'll be able to get episodes delivered directly to your phone.
    • Any other podcast applications
      • There'll be an option somewhere to "Add Feed," "Subscribe Manually," or similar. These programs will ask for the URL (or sometimes "RSS address") for the show. You need to give this text;
        • I'm an Android mobile user, and BeyondPod is my favoured app; in there, you'd select "Add Feed," then click the icon in the top right, then "Enter Feed Address," then paste the address in.
        • For iPhone users, I hear Downcast is good.
        • Pocket Casts for Android and iPhone is recommended by many people, though it's not free - only a couple of quid though.
  • One-off downloads
    • On the main webpage (, each episode has a little icon that says "Pod" before each title. That icon is a link to the MP3 file with the episode audio in it, so just do the usual right-click "Save link as..." browser stuff you normally would to save a file, and it'll download.
    • If you're on, it's similar - the link is in text, directly below the episode title. 
  • Streaming
    • The easiest way to listen to the podcast streaming is on TuneIn radio. If you're on a computer with a web browser, just head to - you'll be able to listen to episodes with no extra software needed. There's also a link icon on the right of my main podcast page which will take you there.
    • If you have the TuneIn mobile app, or a Sonos device, or similar, you can search for "Air Adam Podcast" and it'll show up - go from there.
    • If you're on Facebook, there's a "Podcast Player" tab on the Air Adam page which allows you to stream episodes.

If you're new to the world of podcasts, I hope you find this helpful!