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Air Adam Podcast

Aug 12, 2009

my way.
This episode's title is a quote from "At War" by Snowgoons - it's been tickling me since I heard it a few months ago :o) Anyway, here's another podcast of audio goodness for you, just about the right size to fit one side of a cassette if you're so inclined...hope you all make some discoveries this month, let me know what you think.
Quick mention - thanks to Coxy's Blog for the article on the podcast last month!

Chic : Sometimes You Win
Quality album cut from the "C'est Chic" LP.
Five Deez : Latitude (Instrumental)
Lisa Shaw : It's Been Awhile
There's a real clarity to her voice which I love; this is from her first album "Cherry" which is excellent, and the new album "Free" is out at last - definitely worth checking out.
Ice Cube ft. Das EFX : Check Yo Self ("The Message" Remix)
Am I the only one who remembers that the very end of the video for "It Was A Good Day" lead into the start of the video for this one? Top idea. This was in the days of only seeing stuff at a friend's house on "Yo! MTV Raps" though, so I only saw it once or twice myself. However, thanks to the joys of modern technology, someone's put them together for your retro viewing pleasure!
DJ Quik & Kurupt : Do You Know?
This is from the recent collaboration album "BlaQKout," which isn't consistent all the way through but there are definitely some serious high points, of which this is one - and you know with Quik on production that there'll be some originality coming to the table.
Sadat X : The Interview
I think I heard this on Radio 1 (on Westwood's show when he still played good stuff) before the "Wild Cowboys" album came out and spent a lot of time rewinding my taped-off-the-radio copy until I got a better one!
DJ Spinna : Spirit Of '94
From the B-side of the "Dillagence" 7"
Jedi Mind Tricks : Monolith
Zion I : Inner Light (Icey Mix)
This is from their first album, "Mind Over Matter." Zion I are a very interesting group; they're always musically and lyrically interesting and inventive and have managed to carve out a very respectable multi-album career despite not been widely known in many circles; do seek out their stuff.
Redman : Syrinx
American Cream Team : It's Not A Game (Inst)
Slum Village : Conant Gardens
A dedication for Titus "Baatin" Glover.
Mark B & Blade ft. Rodney P : We Stay Rough
Two British Hip-Hop veterans on the mic here. Trivia for those who don't know: when Blade wanted to put out his first LP, he didn't have the money to record and press it, so he appealed for people to order it in advance of it even being made, and they did - mailing him the money strictly on trust. He got the album done, sent all the pre-ordered copies out and thanked all those people individually in the liner notes!
Pumpkinhead ft. Archrival : Swordfish
Skhool Yard (sic) : Here We Come (Inst)
Phi-Life Cypher : ABC
Top-notch verbal onslaught; after you pick your jaw back up off the floor, have a look at the lyrics written out here. They've made some mistakes transcribing it but it seems like all the lyric sites have just copy/pasted from each other so they're all just as bad!

If you do hear anything you especially like then do get in touch and let me know, and please support the artists - find more output of theirs on Spotify to get a feel for it, go to live shows if you can (that's where they really get paid) and buy the stuff you like the most!