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Air Adam Podcast

Nov 29, 2010


Shut The Truck Up


"I'mma show you how to do it."

- Royal Flush

It's that time again, fifty minutes of the good stuff coming from my collection! It's an all Hip-Hop selection this month, but I think pretty much everyone listening will hear a minimum of 4 or 5 tracks they've never heard before. Heavy on the B-sides, album cuts, remixes and internet tracks this month...enjoy!


Mr.Voodoo : Don't Do It

Tough tune from the former Natural Elements MC, taken from his "Let The World Know" 12"/EP - this is the last track of six (so a deep B-side) and is easily my favourite track on there. Voodoo did an outstanding job self-producing this one and combines the heavy beat with an all-out microphone assault!  

Cali Agents : Point Blank Range (Instrumental)

Roddy Rod of Maspyke brings us this extra chunky beat from the B-side of the "Neva Forget" 12" single, one I flicked past so much in the last few months while doing selections I thought I just had to include it here - I think it made for a nice blend with the opening cut.

Royal Flush : Do It

The power of suggestion? A more incredibly negative message is difficult to find, but it does sound good... Originally I heard this on Spotify but then found it on the Yosumi (break it down slowly) Records compilation "Game Over II" which is definitely worth picking up, along with the original "Game Over," which was notable for its liberal use of video game samples! Production here is by Domingo and DJ Rob, one of those beats you can't help but move your neck to!

Katch 22 : Lifestyles Of The Poor And Ruffneck

Heavy UK action from one of the best acts of their era, taken from their second (and double) album, "Dark Tales From Two Cities." If you can find it, pick up a copy! Katch put out three albums before disbanding, but Huntkillbury Finn (now HKB:FiNN) is still recording in a variety of styles and DJ Marga is doing some DJing again.

Underclassmen : Crush Competition

Huge B-side from this Swiss crew (A-side was "365 Live") - the MCs are originally from Boston so that explains the accents, in case you were wondering!

Das EFX : Gimme Dat Micraphone

I never took to the "Straight-Up Sewaside" LP as much as "Dead Serious," but very few groups were forced to so radically change their style between their first and second albums due to massively widespread biting! That said, this was the first track I heard off this album and I think it's a killer. I believe Charlie Marotta did the production on this and it has that kind of dense early/mid 90s heaviness that you often miss nowadays; home cooking vs microwave beats?

Trick Daddy : Thug Niggas Don't Live That Long (Instrumental)

A little something from Florida, taken from the soundtrack to the HBO series "Oz" - I got this on a sampler 12" so unfortunately can't tell you who produced it. Just a cool instrumental I've finally found a chance to play :o)

DJ Spinna ft. Shadowman : Drive

Spacey and bassy number from a producer who really is a master of the style, and as longtime listeners to the podcast will know, a favourite of mine. Taking on the vocal duties is Shadowman, from a crew called Old World Disorder who I can't say I know much about but he definitely does his thing on this track. You can find this one on Spinna's BBE album "Here To There," where he runs styles from Hip-Hop all the way through to House!

Saukrates, Self Scientific & E-Rule : Wonderful World

Taken from DJ Adam 12's "World Wide Originals" EP, I somehow either didn't hear this track or forgot it existed; dug it out this month and it fit perfectly! All the MCs come with quality verses over the dark beat, making this a definite underground gem. E-Rule/Erule is an MC who has powerful entry on my own vinyl wants list; if you see a copy of that record, buy it without hesitation as it's fantastic. If you're feeling generous, buy it without hesitation for me as a present :o)

Blue Sky Black Death : Lord Of Our Vice

Picked up the "Late Night Cinema" album on spec from Fat City in Manchester before it closed and it turned out to be a great purchase - a double vinyl package of big, dramatic instrumental Hip-Hop. BSBD are a West Coast (San Francisco & Seattle) production duo who seem to have that epic sound down to a tee!

The X-Ecutioners ft. Wayne-O : Raida's Theme (Remix)

I forgot I had this - probably because it was on CD :o) The original is good but the remix is definitely superior; the drums still smack but there's more space in the track to help the scratching stand out even more! You can find this on a 12" but this is from the Asphodel Records "Asphodelic" compilation - and is one of the standout cuts.

Kuartz : Hey Hey (Instrumental)

Kuartz is an up-and-coming Manchester producer who is one to watch out for; he's finding his style and he's extremely prolific,  cranking out beats for local MCs at a rate the rest of us can only wish to keep up with! He sent me a few things to check out a little while back and this was just the right time to slot this particular number in. Keep up the good work!

donwill + suhBURB : Salsoul

I *think* I first found this via FWMJ's "Rappers I Know" blog, which is well worth checking out. This track is from the combination of suhBURB on the beats and Tanya Morgan's Donwill on the mic, and in fact the "Suburban Sprawl" collaboration album it comes from is available totally free! Just click the link to get at the whole project.

The Kid Daytona : Never Be The Same

I first heard of this MC on the brilliant Juan Epstein podcast. From what I can make out, The Kid Daytona has come up under the wing of Cipha Sounds and has some powerful co-signs - keep an eye on this one.  The whole album is available absolutely free here - worth grabbing a download!

Theodore Unit : Wicked With Lead

Ghostface and Trife take the mic on this one, with K-Def on production. That break never gets old!

Foreign Exchange : Downtime (Nicky Troutman Bounce To The Ounce Remix)

Whooooooooo! I bought the "Connected" album (as you should too) on vinyl when it came out and this wasn't on there - I just chanced upon it on Spotify, apparently it's from an extended version which is available on CD. Nicolay kills it on the beat and Phonte (of Little Brother, for those that don't know) is on point with the flow as always, though he's also up for oxymoron of the month; "I'm roasting you f****ts 'cos I'm so diplomatic?"

Jay-Z : Change The Game (Instrumental)

The Bay Area's Rick Rock on production; probably better known for his work with people like E-40, this was one of his really big moves on the East Coast and to be honest, a beat that made me go back and check for more Jay-Z when I'd really not been the biggest fan up to that point.

Peanut Butter Wolf : The Chronicles (i will always love h.e.r)

From the first "Return Of The DJ" compilation, this isn't the most technical track on the album but I just love all the samples that he brings into this one! There's one that I think is incredible but have never been able to identify; first person to post in the comments for this article where it comes from wins a prize - seriously!

Please remember to support the artists you like! The purpose of putting the podcast out and providing the full tracklist is to try and give some light, so do use the songs on each episode as a starting point to search out more material. If you have Spotify in your country it's a great way to explore, but otherwise there's always Youtube and the like. Seeing your favourite artists live is the best way to put money in their pockets, and buy the vinyl/CDs/downloads of the stuff you like the most!