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Air Adam Podcast

Sep 30, 2010

It Would Appear I've Been Tagged...

"My name pops inside your head like Johnny Wishbone..."

   - Riddla

Probably the perfect time to use this photo :o) Been a busy but good month for me, hoped to get this out a little earlier but spend a bit too much time trying to tweak the sound! Hope you enjoy it anyway, dusted off some stuff I haven't played even for myself in ages...or at all for anyone else!

PS - in keeping with the title, I was going to just play 16 tracks, but couldn't resist throwing the last one in and messing it up ;o)


Terminator X ft. Chuck D & Sister Souljah : Buck Whylin'

Militant Public Enemy representation on this big early 90s track from Terminator X's first solo LP, "Terminator X & The Valley Of The Jeep Beats." The video was classic PE material too, and not the kind of thing you'd see on your average track nowadays!

Phat Kat : Don't Nobody Care About Us (Instrumental)

Detroit all the way - J Dilla beat, B-Side to "Dedication To The Suckers" 12", and to me the far better track.

K-Solo : Letterman (Pete Rock Remix)

Bam! Incredible Pete Rock remix, smashing the original with a big bat! Not only do you get the hard snare and P-Funk groove, but those trademark repeated horns in the hook combined with the cuts make this a 10/10 beat without question. K-Solo was part of EPMD's Hit Squad (this is in the days before every group had an extended musical crew), and also had the track "Spellbound" which was the source of a beef with DMX; both claimed they'd written it and been ripped off by the other. Here's the DMX version, just for comparison!

Sly & Robbie : Boops (Here To Go) & Boops (CJ Scratch Instrumental)

The legendary reggae rhythm section with their big chart hit from 1987 - I remember thinking this was amazing when I heard it as a kid and when I started buying vinyl years later I was ecstatic to find this cheap. Not only did the 12" have the original version but the other track featured here, an instrumental/scratch version featuring CJ Mackintosh, who was the 1987 DMC UK Champion. Although nowadays there's nothing technical about it, I love that transform at 11:06 - so fresh!

A Tribe Called Quest : Rap Promoter

Only short but one of my favourite cuts from "The Low End Theory," and one that performers of many stripes can probably relate to!

FT ft. M.A.F.I.A : Money All The Time

Time for a little aggro! This is from "The Anti-Backpack Movement" compilation on Tru Criminal Records, which tells you most of what you need to know about the lyrical vibe this is on :o) Production is by Buckwild of DITC and the beat really drives this track; that bassline is outrageous!

DJ Brasco ft. Frank 'n' Dank : Shut It Down (Instrumental)

French producer Brasco comes through with a banging track - Frank 'n' Dank didn't really kill this beat to be honest but I'd love to hear some freestyling over this. In fact, that might be an idea for a future episode...

DJ Skitz ft. Riddla : Vocal Workout

Skitz' classic "Countryman" producer project provides us with this track - I'm definitely going to play you more cuts from that album in the future though! He shows a lot of range on the album and on this laid-back piece he brings in London MC Riddla on the vocals. I've only just got Skitz' new "Sticksman" album in the post and I'm sure there'll be some tracks on there that'll appear on future episodes!

Faze-O : Riding High

Funk/soul classic from 1977, vintage from a fine year :o)  Much sampled but not heard often enough in its original form! I could write loads of trivia here, but why don't I let you hear it from the source?

Choclair ft. Frankenstein, Marvel & Kardinal Offishall : Internal Affairs

1998 All-Star Toronto material, produced by Day For Day. I don't have much trivia on this one, except to say I think I've used the instrumental on a number of mixtapes for myself, but somehow never got round to playing it for anyone else - until now :o)

Trishes ft. Cold Showda : New Wave

Picked this one up in Piccadilly Records in Manchester on spec and was pleased to find both sides of the 12" were solid! Trishes is an Austrian producer and Cold Showda is an American MC, so it just goes to show that quality material can come from anywhere!

DJ Premier : Sing Like Bilal (Instrumental)

Taken from the "Beats That Gathered Dust" instrumental vinyl, this beat may be familiar to those of you who have heard Joell Ortiz rhyme on it recently, but while doing the research for this show I also found that Reks had used it too - so I suppose it hasn't gathered as much dust as all that! Apologies for the weird stereo movement during the juggle - I think I need new needles!

Jeru The Damaja : D.Original

It's not one of those pretty pretty beats, and that's why it works! Jeru first came to most people's notice on Gang Starr's "I'm The Man" on the "Daily Operation" LP and while he was dope, I don't know how many predicted his huge 1-2 punch of albums that followed! First was "The Sun Rises In The East" that this is from, and then "Wrath Of The Math" (underrated?) I remember hearing this track on a mix*tape* right when it was released and it just smacked everyone in the face with its hardness. Gem!

Jigmastas : Stones

Produced by Nick Fury - you'd better do a good job producing a group if DJ Spinna is one of the members, and on this one he definitely gets it done.

Keith Lawrence ft. Rodney P : Style & Fashion

British flavour with the London Posse veteran Rodney P bringing his unmistakeable style to this track on Keith Lawrence's "Goin' True" EP; Keith's a veteran DJ with an underrated production CV (or "resume" for my US listeners!), not the biggest names necessarily but serious quality.

Krumbsnatcha : Take The Pain Away (Instrumental)

Sounds kind of Primo, maybe a little like Dilla, but it's actually a Nottz beat, from the B-Side of the "Killer In Me" 12". It's worth checking out the vocal version of this anti-domestic violence track too.

Little Brother : Nighttime Maneuvers (Remix)

Southern quality from North Carolina. The only Little Brother I've played on the podcast so far has been "Atari 2600" on Episode 6 and I'm finally getting round to playing a non-joke track by them! The original of this was on "The Listening" and was good but I like this remix from the "Chitlin Circuit 1.5" mixtape even more.

Please remember to support the artists you like! The purpose of putting the podcast out and providing the full tracklist is to try and give some light, so do use the songs on each episode as a starting point to search out more material. If you have Spotify in your country it's a great way to explore, but otherwise there's always Youtube and the like. Seeing your favourite artists live is the best way to put money in their pockets, and buy the vinyl/CDs/downloads of the stuff you like the most!