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Air Adam Podcast

Dec 12, 2009

Three Kings "Everybody else on the Earth don't exist."

- Crooked I

I suppose this is the Christmas episode, not that I've got any Christmas records to play! I did think about putting sleigh bell sounds behind some of the tunes but decided against ;o) Ah well, time to close out 2009 with this one, and looking forward to heading onwards and upwards for 2010!

Camp Lo : Son Of A...
Great track - if a little short - from Camp Lo's new album "Another Heist," setting things off with a funk vibe. Ski is back on full-time production for them on this album which will please many - personally, I actually liked a good chunk of the Apple Juice Kid production they've had lately (*ducks*) and I love the stuff they've done with Tribeca in the past, hope he makes a return too!
El Michels Affair : Glaciers Of Ice / Raekwon: Glaciers Of Ice
Modern funk maestros with a version of the classic Raekwon cut from the original "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx..." - this is taken from the album "Enter the 37th Chamber" which is a collection of instrumental interpretations of Wu-Tang tracks, definitely recommended - it's on Spotify if anyone wants a listen!
Ghostface Killah ft. Trife & Twiz : Theodore
I don't know if anyone else likes this track, but oh well :o) The bells, the bells...
Genius : Words From A Genius (Prince Rakeem Remix)
Yes, it's that Genius, aka GZA from the Wu. This is the (almost) title track from his first album "Words From The Genius" on Tommy Boy a couple of years before the Clan emerged on the scene. I first heard this on Pete Tong's Rap Selection on Radio 1 when it came out in 1991, taped it off that show and loved it - with no idea of who this guy was or the huge impact his crew would eventually make on the scene. And Prince Rakeem? For those who don't know, that's the man better known as RZA, the producer and prime mover behind the Wu-Tang movement!
Termanology ft. Royce Da 5'9", Crooked I, Akrobatik, Consequence : The Music Industry (Remix)
I said on the voiceover that Term is from Boston, but in fact he's from nearby Lawrence, Massachusetts - oops! Anyway, rarely do you see so many guests on a single track, or at least on one that's any good which this certainly is. Fizzy Womack of M.O.P is on production and Statik Selectah adds some very nice cuts.
Patrice Rushen : Remind Me
Classic 80s single from the multi-talented singer/songwriter/pianist/composer/musical director - and it's been sampled plenty of times. Even if you don't recognise her name, you may well know her hit "Forget Me Nots," famously sampled on Will Smith's "Men In Black."
Pharcyde : Drop (Instrumental)
One of those "Dilla before everyone (including me) knew who he was" beats, though that's not to say that when this came out everyone wasn't loving it, and it still moves floors today. The video is also a classic - bit of trivia, they actually had to rhyme all their lyrics backwards to make it work visually, which is quite a feat!
Shara Nelson : Friendly Fire
Title track of the second solo album from the former Massive Attack vocal lead, if you see a copy it's definitely worth picking up!
Tajai : Who Got It?
Solo excursion for one of the Souls Of Mischief MCs, one of those B-sides I never get to play anywhere!
Foreign Beggars : Black Hole Prophecies (Jehst's Wild Wild East Remix)
A gem from down London town! While there was a little run of American artists using Asian music samples, I always thought it'd be more natural for UK producers to do it since we have a large Asian population and you do hear the music a lot, depending on where you live. Shout out to DJ Reptile of Assmatics who put me up on this track.
Byata : Byata Is The Illest
I think there's someone rhyming on here, but I'm not sure because my word, that beat is dominating! DJ Premier on production for this absolute banger - it's also one of those beats you couldn't mistake for having being done by anyone else (To be fair, Byata puts in a solid performance as the track goes on). I don't know much about her other than that she's of Russian descent and that she's apparently been on a Wu compilation; if she's done anything else like this, do let me know!
Mark B & Blade ft. Phi Life Cypher : Ya Don't See The Signs (Phi Life Cypher Remix)
I think this is better than the original, which is how a remix should be; the beat is much darker and Phi Life, as always, absolutely destroy their verses and provide a complementary vocal textures to Blade - all three MCs on this are hall-of-fame level when it comes to British Hip-Hop.
Kool G Rap & Ma Barker : Bout That (Instrumental)
Produced by VIC and Mike Heron of the Ghetto Pros, diggers extraordinaire!
Jerry Beeks : Microphone Mingus
From the home of Hip-Hop! Coming out of the Bronx, Beeks shows the skills over production from Touche on this album cut from "The Crop Report." Still got some stuff we've done together stashed away in the vault, will let you hear some on a future episode if you eat your vegetables ;o)
Roy Ayers : I Did It In Seattle
From "Virgin Ubiquity", a collection of unreleased recordings from the late 70s to early 80s. Picked this one up on a day off work in a sale at King Bee Records down in Chorlton, a familiar spot for Manchester diggers - if I'd not got there until the weekend, it'd have been looong gone! Roy Ayers is an amazing musician and his tracks have provided the backdrop for many a quality Hip-Hop release over the years so it's worth searching out whatever you can find.
PS - I'm not sure what he did in Seattle!
Royal Flush ft. Noreaga : What A Shame
Mid 90s Queens thug flavour from Flush's "Ghetto Millionaire" album, speaking on life locked up. Smooth track produced by EZ Elpee, with the first verse and closing by Nore, who is famously a man who knows of what he speaks...
Kaze : Locked In Chains (Instrumental/Clean)
Khrysis on the boards for this one, this is on the B-side of "Last Laugh" - the uncensored version is only on the "Spirit of '94:Version 9.0" album I think. Not heard much else by Kaze but he rips this one!
Insight : Visual Audio (Instrumental)
Even though I'm just playing the instrumental here, it must be noted that Insight is multi skilled - he's an MC, producer, DJ, does engineering I believe and I've heard he's a software developer! If he learns to take photos too, none of my jobs are safe...
DJ Jazzy Jeff & Big Daddy Kane : The Garden
One of the standout tracks from Jeff's second solo album "Return Of The Magnificent," and one of the very few five-star tracks on my iPod! A lot of people just think of Jazzy Jeff as that guy that got thrown out of the house a lot on "Fresh Prince," but as well as being a pioneering and influential DJ he's a very gifted producer and has coached a lot of other up-and-comers via his A Touch Of Jazz studio/company. A quick aside - I'm no expert but when I listen to the actual sonic quality of this track, I feel like there is nothing at all that could have been done better!

As I always say, if there are things on here you like please do search out other material from the artists, buy the best of it and even better, try and catch them playing live!