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Air Adam Podcast

Jul 12, 2009

(39/52) The Hands That Rock The Tables
I got a really good response to  the first episode (thanks everyone!) so here we go with the second; you can expect a new one every month. I'll be aiming to keep it an easily digestible size every time, and to make it something to look forward to!
Can't let this post go by without wishing Michael Jackson a peaceful journey - that was definitely one of those "where were you when you heard?" moments. I just had to include one of his tracks this time around...

Peanut Butter Wolf ft. Encore : The Undercover
Not a club tune; definitely glad to get a chance to play this one as it'd been on the shelf for years.
Hammadi : Love To The World
Q-Tip : Dance On Glass
Coppershot : Hesitate
Chester Copperpot with LongShot on the mic (see what they did there?)
De La Soul : Respect
Originally available on the Japanese release of the "The Impossible: Mission TV - Pt. 1" compilation of unreleased tracks, though this is on a 12" press.
Erick Sermon : Music (Instrumental)
Mobb Deep : Clap (Instrumental)
The "Infamy" album wasn't a popular one but when the weather turns cold and the nights get longer, this is an essential headphone track.
Kombo ft. Krondon : The Write
I got this 12" for 99p without even listening to it - winner. The other side, "Sands Of Time" is excellent too, though much more laid back.
Rakim : New York (Ya Out There?)
From the post-Eric B "The 18th Letter" LP, DJ Premier on the production for some classic boom-bap.
Mic Geronimo : Unstoppable
The "Vendetta" album wasn't all that but this track cannot be denied.
Anita Baker : How Does It Feel?
From the 2004 "My Everything" album on Blue Note; definitely one of my favourite female vocalists, and the title links nicely with the next vocal track in the mix...
Nas : The World Is Yours (Tip Mix Instrumental)
Michael Jackson : Stranger In Moscow
JS-1 : Move Like This (Instrumental)
Foreign Exchange : Theme
AZ : Sugar Hill (Remix Instrumental)
N.O.R.E : Cocaine Cowboys
Dark and bright all at the same time, this killer track has been getting a lot of play on my iPod lately; the documentary of the same name is well worth checking too, I got it for £4 on DVD the other day.

If you do hear anything you especially like do let me know, and please support the artists - find more output of theirs on Spotify to get a feel for it, go to live shows if you can (that's where they really get paid) and buy the stuff you like the most!