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Air Adam Podcast

Dec 30, 2014

Either Way

"I'm the animal that Hugh Hefner created..."

- Nas

The end of another year, and an eventful one in so many ways. Some of that influences this month's selection; overall I've just looked to put together a set of tunes to give your speaker boxes that extra bump to see out 2014 in style!


Wu-Tang Clan ft....

Nov 30, 2014

Don't Cross The Line.

"You killed the god, might as well throw a chair at me."

- Raekwon

If the Ferguson grand jury decision had come earlier in the month, I would have absolutely breathed fire through the entire selection - as it is, some of the third main segment ended up influenced by that travesty. I didn't even get into talking about

Oct 31, 2014

Friday The 31st

"We were trading our crowns for our souls..."

- James Fauntleroy

Had I finished this episode earlier, it would have had a different title - but as it's Halloween and a Friday, I couldn't pass up the opportunity! Got some quality new releases and some definite archive raiding all lined up, which I encourage you...

Sep 28, 2014

Fresh From Above.

"Rich for a poor man, poor for a rich man..."

- Essa

What a month - started a new day job, had a couple of photo assignments, plus needed to plan a mix including some Biggie (20 years since "Ready To Die" was released), 2Pac (18 years since he passed), and a few other tracks I've had on standby for a while. So far, all...

Aug 28, 2014

Bajan Ballin'

"They plant drugs on us, stamp 'thugs' on us..."

- Guilty Simpson

Back from a great two-week trip to Barbados, I'm working some West Indian vibes into the selection this month! Got some nice long blends going too, and a bit of a subwoofer test :)

Only one link up in this section this month - leave me a drop from the...